Ebola Fighters Time's Person of the Year.
Make the Ebola Workers Time Magazine's Person of the Year. Two D&AD Pencils. NY Festival Bronze, One Show Merit
Doctors of the World
Doctor's of the World Halloween Ebola Campaign. Two Cannes Lions, Webby Award Winner for Best Non-Profit.
Citi Bike
Intergrated Campaign, 3 One Show Pencils, Gold Effie, Creativity's Integrated Campaign of the Year
Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood
Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood, YouTube Video of the Year Finalist, New York Festivals Finalist
Dawn Saves Wildlife Integrated Campaign
Integrated Brand Campaign, Webby and Mashie Shortlist
Anti Defamation League
Integrated Campaign, AICP Shortlist, Mashable's "Ten Most Inspiring Films"
Street Soccer USA
Integrated campaign
UBS-Stephen Wiltshire
Integrated Campaign, AICP Winner, ADC Gold Cube
Hilton Honors
Print campaign, Communication Arts 2012
Crest Halloween Treats Gone Wrong
Viral film and social media, Cannes Shortlist, Webby Winner, Shorty Winner, Effie Winner and LIA shortlist
Scope With Bacon
Viral film and social media, Cannes Shortlist, Webby Shortlist
Pepto "Goat Boy"
Viral Film, Two Cannes Lions, AICP Winner
Ad Council Adopt A Foster Child
Television Campaign
Print campaign, Communication Arts
Bounty Olympics
Olympic TV
Integrated Campaign, Cannes Shortlist, Clio Bronze
Scope "Courage Encouraged" Integrated Campaign
Integrated Brand Campaign, Radio Mercury Winner
Citi Project Talk
Citi's reaction to the financial crisis, Cannes Shortlist
Pepto Environmental
Swiffer TV
Swiffer "Real cleaning" campaign
Vicks TV
TV campaign
Print campaign
CPO television campaign
Television campaign, Effie Gold winner
Citi Pond
Citi Pond activiation
TGI Friday's
TV campaign
Crest "Life Opens When You Do"
Integrated Brand Campaign
Print Campaign
Integrated Campaign to keep kids in High School
Citi Holiday Helper App
Citi Holiday Helper App
Charmin Interruptions
Bounty Monster Spills
Print campaign, Communication Arts 2013
Oral B White and Black
Integrated Product Campaign
Edmunds "Haggling Doesn't Belong Here"
Viral films
Sit or Squat App
Branded App, Cannes Shortlist
Scope OOH
Citi Olympics Program
Integrated Olympics Program
Print Campaign, Communication Arts
Citi JFK Experiential Installation
Interactive display at JFK
Song Airlines Store
Pop Up Store
Crest 3D White
Print Campaign, Graphis 2013
Television Campaign, Communication Arts
Crest 3D White
Print Campaign
Mohegan Sun
Print campaign
Bounty Dry Spills
Print campaign, Communication Arts
OOH Campaign, Best of Obies Winner
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